Famous Festivals In Himachal Pradesh

Famous Festivals In Himachal Pradesh

07 October 2020 Admin

Himachal Pradesh is a land of cultural migrants. Words fail to define this mixture of different cultures. Himachal Pradesh, the dream destination of everyone. People come here all over from the Country. Himachal Pradesh remains one of the top-mark destinations for peoples, especially during the summertime, due to its natural beauty. In Himachal Pradesh, a great many festivals are celebrated for prosperity, honor, and blessings. People in Himachal normally wear topi as traditional cloth in marriages, religious functions, shares, and other local events. People have a tradition of presenting Himachali topi as a gift to their guests. Himachali topi is more of an ethnic heritage for the people of Himachal in our elders' legacy, and it feels proud to see this brand emerging from Himachal. The lower and upper province have their different festivals .some famous festival which is celebrated in Himachal Pradesh sazo festival, Lavi fair festival,ladarcha fair festival,lossar,dungri fair, and many more. So now I m going to explain about some famous festival in Himachal Pradesh.

1.Lavi fair:

The four-day-long international Lavi fair is being organized in the Rampur district of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh governor Bandaru Dattatreya inaugurated it. The love fair has its historical importance and is famous for trading activities and its long age-old traditions. Even today remains as vibrant as ever, in the state's cultural heritage, and restoring all glory. If you think how to reach in a Lavi fair, it is held in Rampur Bushehr, about 130 km away from Shimla. It is well connected by road transport is the best way to reach a fair venue.

2.Minzar fair:

Minzar is the most important fair of Chamba, which many peoples attended from all over the world. This Mela is held on the 2nd Sunday of the month. The distribution of means announces the fair are quite a similar dress by men and women alike. This special symbol is the fruits of paddy and maize, making the appearance around this time of the year the week-long fair begins when the site is hosted in historical chowgan.

3.Doongri Fair Festival:

Doongri is one of the most popular festivals in Himachal Pradesh. This festival is majorly celebrated in mid-may to mark the beginning of the summer season. The Doongri festival of Himachal Pradesh is also known as the Hadimba Devi fair. For the unversed, hadimba, also referred to as Hidimba was Bhim's wife. The festival is mainly about her. with her onset of the festival, you can see many tourists flocking in the region searching for the environment and fun. The major attraction of the doongri festival is the carnival and snacks and the gods at the festival. A traditional dance which is enjoyed by the people.Musician and Trumpet performances.Nati refers to the traditional folk dance of Himachal Pradesh. It is performed on Pahari and kinnuari folk songs.


The festival is celebrated in the entire tribal belt of Himachal Pradesh and the Tibetan colonies in Manali, Dharamshala, and Baijnath. The old Buddhist shrine, celebrating padamshambhav's marriage with a local Princess in RewalserMandi district, also emerges as a pivotal attraction for the religious celebrations. The festival means the beginning of a new year. It is held in this last week of February, .one can witness Chham dance, and various mask dance and dramas were reminiscent of the post-Buddhist culture with the traditional orchestra. The special feature of the festival is "ChhamDance".People also prepare famous dishes like the ''kapse" and drinks like the "chang" during the festival. During the festival, the ghee lighting of the lamps, with each lamp signifying Buddha's enlightenment.

5.Sazo festival:

Sazo is an ancient festival celebrated in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. It is famous for its exotic writers, grand cultural celebrations, and lip-smacking feast. The locals believe that during the festival that I go to heaven for a short period. The food offered to the Gods during this festival comprises rice, pulses, vegetables, and halwa. The whole district is gripped in an extreme religious fervor, and spiritual Ambience dominates the atmosphere. People take their baths in the natural warm springs, and some even go to the river to cleanse their bodies and souls. This festival is celebrated in January. The region's temples and houses are properly clean, as the natives believe that these sites become the deities' resting place on this day. The temple doors are kept closed, and the priests go door to door to offer their blessing. The people worship their Gods and goddess in their houses three times during the entire day.  

6.Sair festival:

It is a very famous cultural festival celebrated in Himachal Pradesh to mark the end of the crop harvest, prepare for the cheerfulness winter ahead, and return the Gods from heaven to earth. The preparations for the morning Pooja commence from the night before. In the Puja ingredients, people include their harvest, which generally ranges from maize, guava, lemon, and wheat. The wheat is spread on the plate, and every fruit is placed on the top of the following morning, a Babar from the village visits each house carrying the idol of sair Devi and is given the seasons harvest and some money. The festival also sees the purchase of utensils and cloths cooking of special dishes.



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